Geographical setting of the Kem Kem region and outcrops. A View of the position of Morocco in Africa and location of the Kem Kem beds (shown in red). B Map showing the geographical location of the Kem Kem in North Africa relative to roughly coeval sites in northern Africa. C Cretaceous outcrops along the Kem Kem and Guir Hamadas (modified from Sereno et al. 1996). Numbers: 1 Kem Kem, Morocco. 2 Gara Samani, Algeria. 3 Timimoun, Algeria. 4 Monts des Ksours, Algeria. 5 Djoua Valley, Algeria. 6 Al Hamra Hamada, Libya. 7 In Abangharit, Niger. 8 Bahariya, Egypt, 9 Tataouine, Tunisia.

  Part of: Ibrahim N, Sereno PC, Varricchio DJ, Martill DM, Dutheil DB, Unwin DM, Baidder L, Larsson HCE, Zouhri S, Kaoukaya A (2020) Geology and paleontology of the Upper Cretaceous Kem Kem Group of eastern Morocco. ZooKeys 928: 1-216.