Sivaloka arcuata Chang & Chen, sp. nov. 29–33 holotype 34–35 paratype 29, 34 habitus, dorsal view 30, 35 habitus, lateral view 31 head and thorax, dorsal view 32 head and thorax, lateral view 33 head and thorax, ventral view. Scale bars: 0.5 mm. Abbreviations: ks = Pcu and A1 keel-shaped; pl = hypocostal plate.

  Part of: Chang Z-M, Yang L, Chen X-S (2020) First records of the genera Sivaloka Distant, 1906, with two new species from China, and description of a new species of genus Kodaianella Fennah, 1956 (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Issidae). ZooKeys 917: 85-104.