‘Rugalucina’ cypselis (Melvill, 1918). A–D Holotype Divaricella cypselis Melvill, 1918 (NHMUK 1921. 1. 28. 92), Karachi, L 5.2 mm E–L ‘Rugalucina’ cypselis Karachi (NHMUK 20191075) Winckworth collection E right valve, L 3.1 mm, ob – oblique commarginal lamellae F left valve, L 3.0 mm G right valve, L 3.2 mm H dorsal view, L 1.9 mm I interior left valve, L 3.2 mm J interior right valve, L 3.2 mm K interior left valve, L 3.0 mm L protoconch M detail of ventral margin (F) showing obliquely aligned commarginal lamellae. Scale bar: 100 µm (L); 1 mm (M).

  Part of: Taylor JD, Glover EA (2019) Unloved, paraphyletic or misplaced: new genera and species of small to minute lucinid bivalves and their relationships (Bivalvia, Lucinidae). ZooKeys 899: 109-140. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.899.47070