Pusillolucina arabica sp. nov. Arabian Gulf NHMUK consultancy samples- see text for details. A Lateral view of right valve stn 41C (NHMUK 20191079) stained with Rose Bengal, L 1.3 mm B lateral view of left valve stn 41C (NHMUK 20191079), L 1.2 mm C, D exterior of left (L 1.5 mm) and right (L 1.3 mm) valves stn 39FC (NHMUK 20191081) E, F Interior of right (L 1.4 mm) and left (L 1.5 mm) valves stn 36FC (NHMUK 20191080) G dorsal view, stn 39FC (NHMUK 20191081), L 1.3 mm. H juvenile shell, stn 48FC (NHMUK 20191082), L 1.1 mm I juvenile shell, stn 36FC (NHMUK 20191080), L 0.9 mm J–L hinge teeth of left and right valves stn 36FC (NHMUK 20191080) M detail of posterior lateral tooth of right valve stn 36FC (NHMUK 20191080) N section through a ctenidial demibranch with thickened bacteriocyte zone, critical point dried preparation O symbiotic bacteria. Scale bars: 300 µm (J–L); 100 µm (M); 50 µm (N); 4 µm (O).

  Part of: Taylor JD, Glover EA (2019) Unloved, paraphyletic or misplaced: new genera and species of small to minute lucinid bivalves and their relationships (Bivalvia, Lucinidae). ZooKeys 899: 109-140. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.899.47070