Single gene tree for the Loripes group of genera and species based on cytochrome b gene sequences, using Bayesian inference as implemented by MrBayes. Support values are posterior probabilities. Methods as in Taylor et al. (2011, 2016). GenBank numbers are attached to names. Newly sequenced species: Wallucina fijiensis Kavieng, Papua New Guinea (MNHN IM- IM-2013-54066), Pillucina pacifica, Kavieng, KAV 1 (MNHN IM- IM-2013-54743), KAV 2 (MNHN IM-2013-51690), Pillucina sp. Kavieng, PNG (MNHN IM-2013-54590), Rugalucina munda North Stradbroke Island, Moreton Bay, Qld, Australia (NHMUK 20191069), R. munda Tin Can Bay, Qld, Australia (NHMUK 20191070).

  Part of: Taylor JD, Glover EA (2019) Unloved, paraphyletic or misplaced: new genera and species of small to minute lucinid bivalves and their relationships (Bivalvia, Lucinidae). ZooKeys 899: 109-140.