Phylogenetic relationships within Tonatia based on Maximum-likelihood derived from the analyses of the RAG2 exon (top) and Cyt-b gene (below). Both consensus trees depict three strongly supported clades: T. bidens, T. s. bakeri, and T. s. maresi. The support of each node is represented by the values of posterior probability (PP) and bootstrap (BS), in the phylogeny only the values of PP < 0.90 and BS < 70 are presented. Nodal support is represented by posterior probabilities (<0.90), and bootstrap values (<70).

  Part of: Basantes M, Tinoco N, Velazco PM, Hofmann MJ, Rodríguez-Posada ME, Camacho MA (2020) Systematics and Taxonomy of Tonatia saurophila Koopman & Williams, 1951 (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae). ZooKeys 915: 59-86.