Discriminant Function Analysis of six morphometric groups. Projection of 137 specimens of Tonatia saurophila, assembled in six groups according to their localities of origin: western Colombia and Ecuador (squares); eastern Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru (diamonds); Caribbean of Colombia and Venezuela (circles); Guyana, French Guiana, and northeastern Brazil (ovals); Central America (crosses); and Trinidad and Tobago (triangles), on DF1 and DF2 of a Discriminant Function Analysis with 21 morphometric cranio-dental and external variables.

  Part of: Basantes M, Tinoco N, Velazco PM, Hofmann MJ, Rodríguez-Posada ME, Camacho MA (2020) Systematics and Taxonomy of Tonatia saurophila Koopman & Williams, 1951 (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae). ZooKeys 915: 59-86. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.915.46995