Distribution of Antrorbis spp. in relation to USGS hydrologic units: regions (HU2, shaded areas), basins (HU6, solid black lines), and subbasins (HU8, solid grey lines; unlabeled in map). Antrorbis breweri occurs within the Upper Coosa subbasin of the South Atlantic-Gulf region, whereas A. tennesseensis and Antrorbis cf. tennesseensis occurs in the Watts Bar Lake and Lower Clinch subbasins within the Upper Tennessee basin (Tennessee region), respectively.

  Part of: Gladstone NS, Perez KE, Pieper EB, Carter ET, Dooley KE, Shoobs NF, Engel AS, Niemiller ML (2019) A new species of stygobitic snail in the genus Antrorbis Hershler & Thompson, 1990 (Gastropoda, Cochliopidae) from the Appalachian Valley and Ridge of eastern Tennessee, USA. ZooKeys 898: 103-120. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.898.46917