Male left palp of Pristidia cervicornuta (MGEU-PRI-18-018). A Prolateral view B Ventral view C Retrolateral view D Bulb, prolateral view E Same, ventral view F Same, retrolateral view. Scale bars: 0.1 mm (equal for A–C, equal for D–F). Abbreviations: CF, cymbial flange; E, embolus; F, flakelet; FS, femoral spines; RTA, retrolateral tibial apophysis; ST, subtegulum; T, tegulum; TA, tegular apophysis; TH, tegular hump; TS, tibial spines.

  Part of: Zhang J, Yu H, Zhong Y (2020) Redescription of Pristidia cervicornuta (Araneae, Clubionidae), with a first description of the female. ZooKeys 914: 33-42.