Strict consensus tree of 41 most parsimonious trees from the analysis of combined COI mitochondrial and 28S nuclear genes sequences. Length 2093 steps, Consistency Index (CI) 37, Retention Index (RI) 65. Bootstrap support values are depicted near nodes (≥ 50). Filled circles represent non-homoplasious changes and open circles are homoplasious changes. Four lineages observed in the genus Merodon, as well as the M. serrulatus group, are marked on the tree.

  Part of: Vujić A, Likov L, Radenković S, Kočiš Tubić N, Djan M, Šebić A, Pérez-Bañón C, Barkalov A, Hayat R, Rojo S, Andrić A, Ståhls G (2020) Revision of the Merodon serrulatus group (Diptera, Syrphidae). ZooKeys 909: 78-158.