Male genitalia of Celaenorrhinus munda munda from Cuona, southern Tibet [Dissection ID Tib1] A genitalia capsule, lateral view, valva and aedeagus removed B tegumen and gnathos, dorsal view C tegumen and gnathos, ventral view D left valva, outer surface E left valva, inner surface F left valva, dorsal view G aedeagus, lateral view H aedeagus, dorsal view I aedeagus, ventral view J juxta, posterior view.

  Part of: Xue G-X, Inayoshi Y, Li M, Zhang F-M, Lai D-K, Tian H-Y (2020) New records of Celaenorrhinus pyrrha de NicĂ©ville, 1889 and C. munda (Moore, 1884) from China (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae). ZooKeys 985: 61-70.