The four different sized manipulators shown for comparison: a Giant-IMp b IMp models with encasing support beams c Open-IMp d Micro-IMp models that are not encased. The specimens in the manipulators are: a Nosa tristis (Hagen, 1853) – Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidaeb Perissoneura paradoxa McLachlan, 1871 – Trichoptera: Odontoceridaec Pteronarcys californica Newport, 1848 – Plecoptera: Pteronarcyidae and d Psychopsis coelivaga (Walker, 1853) – Neuroptera: Psychopsidae.

  Part of: Dupont S, Price B, Blagoderov V (2015) IMp: The customizable LEGO® Pinned Insect Manipulator. ZooKeys 481: 131-138.