Families of rays: A number of species of rays per family B number of species of rays parasitized by species of Acanthobothrium. Note: The first number within parentheses corresponds to the number of species of ray that have been reported as hosts of Acanthobothrium and the second is the number of species that have been described from that Family C percentage of species of rays reported to be parasitized within the total number of families of rays- note: Red color = parasitized; Blue color = not parasitized.

  Part of: Zaragoza-Tapia F, Pulido-Flores G, Gardner SL, Monks S (2020) Host relationships and geographic distribution of species of Acanthobothrium Blanchard, 1848 (Onchoproteocephalidea, Onchobothriidae) in elasmobranchs: a metadata analysis. ZooKeys 940: 1-49. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.940.46352