Xestoblatta berenbaumae sp. n. A Dorsal view of abdomen showing the simple tergal gland (DECBA2023) B, C Hooked left phallomere D Ventral medial phallomere (L2vm) E Right phallomere. R2e – external sclerite, R2i – internal sclerite, R2c – cleft sclerite F Posterior view of abdomen showing paraprocts and subgenital plate. RS-right stylus, LS-left stylus with small translucent ball at tip, LP-left paraproct reduced and specialized with polydentate spine, RP-unspecialized right paraproct. Illustration is a composite of multiple individuals G Dorsal view of sub-genital plate (DECBA1967) H Head of adult male I Hindwing (DECBA0801). Photos and illustrations contributed by Kayla Kaplan and Dominic A. Evangelista.

  Part of: Evangelista DA, Chan K, Kaplan KI, Wilson MM, Ware JL (2015) The Blattodea s.s. (Insecta, Dictyoptera) of the Guiana Shield. ZooKeys 475: 37-87. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.475.7877