Shells of Vietnamese Gudeodiscus species. AGudeodiscus (Gudeodiscus) phlyarius (Mabille, 1887), MNHN 24581 (syntype of Plectopylis phlyaria) BG. (G.) phlyarius, SMF 150125a (lectotype of Plectopylis moellendorffi) CG. (G.) cf. phlyarius, Vn10-41, coll. PGB DG. (G.) phlyarius, Vn09-06, coll. HE EG. (G.) phlyarius, NHMUK 1922.8.29.56 (holotype of Plectopylis gouldingi) FG. (G.) phlyarius, NHMUK 1922.8.29.57 (holotype of Plectopylis anterides). Photos: T. Deli (A), E. Neubert (B), B. Páll-Gergely (C, D) and H. Taylor (F). Scale represents 10 mm.

  Part of: Páll-Gergely B, Hunyadi A, Ablett J, Văn Lương H, Naggs F, Asami T (2015) Systematics of the family Plectopylidae in Vietnam with additional information on Chinese taxa (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Stylommatophora). ZooKeys 473: 1-118.