Calcareous claws found in pockets on the inner penial wall of Gudeodiscus and Halongella gen. n. species. A–C, FGudeodiscus (Gudeodiscus) villedaryi (Ancey, 1888) (for locality see Figure 23) D Gudeodiscus giardi giardi (Fischer, 1898) (for locality see Figure 19) EG. (G.) fischeri (Gude, 1901) (for locality see Figure 19) G–I Halongella schlumbergeri (Morlet, 1886) (for locality see Figure 29A–B). The claws in case of G. (G.) fischeri and H. schlumbergeri were too fragile for dissecting out, therefore drawings are presented. All images by B. Páll-Gergely.

  Part of: Páll-Gergely B, Hunyadi A, Ablett J, Văn Lương H, Naggs F, Asami T (2015) Systematics of the family Plectopylidae in Vietnam with additional information on Chinese taxa (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Stylommatophora). ZooKeys 473: 1-118.