Shells of Vietnamese Gudeodiscus species. AGudeodiscus (Gudeodiscus) fischeri (Gude, 1901), Vn10-120, coll. PGB BG. (G.) fischeri, MNHN 24579 (holotype of Plectopylis fischeri) CG. (G.) fischeri, MNHN 24587 (holotype of Plectopylis tenuis) DG. (G. ?) infralevis (Gude, 1908), MNHN 24604 (holotype of Plectopylis infralevis) EG. (G. ?) infralevis, MNHN 24585 (holotype of Plectopylis soror). Photos: B. Páll-Gergely (A) and T. Deli (B–E). Scale represents 10 mm.

  Part of: Páll-Gergely B, Hunyadi A, Ablett J, Văn Lương H, Naggs F, Asami T (2015) Systematics of the family Plectopylidae in Vietnam with additional information on Chinese taxa (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Stylommatophora). ZooKeys 473: 1-118.