Diversity of Late Cretaceous European titanosaurs, as illustrated by posterior dorsal vertebral size and morphology (all specimens figured in right lateral view, unless specified otherwise). A Atsinganosaurus velauciensis (VBN 93.01), late Campanian, Velaux-La Bastide Neuve, Bouches-de-Rhône, southern France B Ampelosaurus atacis (MDE C3-247), late Campanian–early Maastrichtian, Bellevue, Aude, southern France C Lirainosaurus astibiae (MCNA 7443), late Campanian–early Maastrichtian, Laño, Basque Country, northern Spain D Magyarosaurus dacus (NHMUK R.4896, reversed), Maastrichtian, Sânpetru, Haţeg Basin, Romania E Paludititan nalatzensis (UBB NVM1-43), Maastrichtian, Haţeg Basin, Romania. Scale bars equal 10 cm in A–C and E and 5 cm in D. Photographs A–D courtesy by Verónica Díez Díaz.

  Part of: Csiki-Sava Z, Buffetaut E, Ősi A, Pereda-Suberbiola X, Brusatte SL (2015) Island life in the Cretaceous - faunal composition, biogeography, evolution, and extinction of land-living vertebrates on the Late Cretaceous European archipelago. ZooKeys 469: 1-161. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.469.8439