Late Cretaceous vertebrate localities from Europe (including European part of Russia), plotted and listed by age (see text for details and references; localities italicized are detailed in Fig. 4 and in the text, as indicated). Note that one data-point on the map can represent several fossil localities and sites, especially for the Campanian and Maastrichtian. Cenomanian:1 Isle of Wight, southeastern UK 2 Cambridgeshire, southeastern UK 3 Kent, southeastern UK 4 Sarthe, western France 5 Maine-et-Loire, western France 6 Vienne, western France 7 Indre-et-Loire, western France 8 Dordogne, western France 9 Vaucluse, southern France 10 Gard, southern France 11 Charente-Maritime, Charente, western France 12 Carenque, southwestern Portugal 13 Asturias, northern Spain 14 Guadalajara, central Spain 15 Teruel, central-eastern Spain 16 Valencia, eastern Spain 17 Sicily, Italy 18 Lazio, central Italy 19 Istria, Croatia 20 Czech Republic 21 Kursk Oblast, Russia 22 Belgorod Oblast, Russia 23 Voronezh Oblast, Russia 24 Tambov Oblast, Russia 25 Saratov Oblast, Russia 26 Volgograd Oblast, Russia. Turonian:27 East Sussex, southeastern UK 28 Vendée, western France 29 Asturias, northern Spain 30 Czech Republic 31 Istria, Croatia 32 Dalmatia, Croatia. Coniacian:33 Kent, southeastern UK 34 Gorizia, northeastern Italy 35Bihor, western Romania (see section F, Fig. 4). Santonian:36 Valencia, eastern Spain 37 Vendée, western France 38 Lonzée, central Belgium 39 Kras, Slovenia 40 Bari, southern Italy 41Iharkút, western Hungary (see section B, Fig. 4). Campanian:42 Scania, southern Sweden 43Villeveyrac, Languedoc, southern France (see section D, Fig. 4) 44Muthmannsdorf, eastern Austria (see section C, Fig. 4) 45northwestern Transylvania, Romania (see section F, Fig. 4) 46 Penza Oblast, Russia 47 Saratov Oblast, Russia 48 Volgograd Oblast, Russia. Late Campanian–Maastrichtian:49Aveiro-Coimbra districts, Portugal50Condado de Treviño, northern Spain51Segovia, central Spain52Cuenca, central Spain53Valencia, eastern Spain54Huesca, northeastern Spain55Lleida, northeastern Spain (for 49–55 see section E, Fig. 4) 56Ariège and Aude, southern France57Hérault and Gard, southern France58Bouches-du-Rhône, southern France59Var, southeastern France (for 56–59 see section D, Fig. 2) 60 Trieste, northeastern Italy. Maastrichtian:61 Limburg, northeastern Belgium, southeastern Netherlands 62Burgos, northern Spain63Valencia, eastern Spain64Huesca, northeastern Spain65Lleida, northeastern Spain (for 62–65 see section E, Fig. 4) 66Haute-Garonne, Aude, southern France67Bouches-du-Rhône, southern France (for 66–67 see section D, Fig. 4) 68 Bavaria, southern Germany 69 Kras, Slovenia 70northwestern Transylvanian Basin, Romania71southwestern Transylvania, Romania72Hațeg and Rusca Montană Basins, Romania (for 70–72 see section F, Fig. 4) 73 Vratsa Province, northwestern Bulgaria 74 Roztocze, southeastern Poland 75 Krymskaya Oblast, Ukraine 76 Volgograd Oblast, Russia.

  Part of: Csiki-Sava Z, Buffetaut E, Ősi A, Pereda-Suberbiola X, Brusatte SL (2015) Island life in the Cretaceous - faunal composition, biogeography, evolution, and extinction of land-living vertebrates on the Late Cretaceous European archipelago. ZooKeys 469: 1-161.