Panesthia birmanica Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893, female 68 vertex and pronotum 69 tegmen 70 abdominal tergum 7, dorsal view 71 hind wing 72 abdominal sternite 7, ventral view 73 supra-anal fig and paraprocts, ventral view. Scale bars = 1.0 mm (Figs 68–72), 0.5 mm (Fig. 73).

  Part of: Wang X, Wang Z, Che Y (2014) A taxonomic study of the genus Panesthia (Blattodea, Blaberidae, Panesthiinae) from China with descriptions of one new species, one new subspecies and the male of Panesthia antennata. ZooKeys 466: 53-75.