Strict consensus of 2008 trees of 500 steps calculated using TNT (Goloboff et al. 2008) based on a taxon-character matrix of 95 taxa and 83 dental characters (CI = 0.210; RI = 0.703). Analysis conducted using a New Technology Search with a Driven Search (Sectorial Search, Ratchet, Drift, and Tree Fusing), finding minimum length 10 times. All characters are unweighted and 19 characters are additive. Numbers to the left of each node correspond to nodes in Online Suppl. material 1 listing the synapomorphies common to the 500 shortest trees. Numbers to the right of each node correspond to Bremer branch supports calculated from a pool of 30,000 suboptimal trees of up to 10 steps longer than the shortest trees obtained.

  Part of: Williamson TE, Brusatte SL, Wilson GP (2014) The origin and early evolution of metatherian mammals: the Cretaceous record. ZooKeys 465: 1-76.