Differences in some life-history traits between Panulirus gracilis and P. inflatus from Zihuatanejo, Mexico. A carapace length (CL) distribution (n P. gracilis: 2162, n P. inflatus: 1873) B mean size C growth rate of males (mm CL week–1, n P. gracilis: 148, n P. inflatus: 34) D brood size (number of eggs per clutch) versus CL relationship. Error bars denote 95% confidence intervals. (Data from A, BBriones-Fourzán and Lozano-Álvarez 1992, CBriones-Fourzán and Lozano-Álvarez 2003, DGracia 1985, Fernández-Lomelín 1992).

  Part of: Briones-Fourzán P (2014) Differences in life-history and ecological traits between co-occurring Panulirus spiny lobsters (Decapoda, Palinuridae). In: Wehrtmann IS, Bauer RT (Eds) Proceedings of the Summer Meeting of the Crustacean Society and the Latin American Association of Carcinology, Costa Rica, July 2013. ZooKeys 457: 289-311. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.457.6669