Phylogenetic tree obtained from concatenated maximum likelihood analysis of 16S, COI and 18S sequences for Macrobrachium sibling species. Numbers are significance values for 1000 bootstraps; values ≤ 50% are not shown. Abbreviations: ARG: Argentina; BR: Brazil; CH: Chile; CR: Costa Rica; MX: Mexico; PN: Panama; VZ: Venezuela. A: lateral view of the rostrum of M. amazonicum; B: lateral view of the rostrum of M. olfersii. C: lateral view of the rostrum of M. carcinus.

  Part of: Pileggi LG, Rossi N, Wehrtmann IS, Mantelatto FL (2014) Molecular perspective on the American transisthmian species of Macrobrachium (Caridea, Palaemonidae). In: Wehrtmann IS, Bauer RT (Eds) Proceedings of the Summer Meeting of the Crustacean Society and the Latin American Association of Carcinology, Costa Rica, July 2013. ZooKeys 457: 79-108.