Map of a part of the west coast of South Africa. The map shows the likely present distribution of Pseudobarbus verloreni in the Verlorenvlei River system (green line), based on available accurate museum data (green circles; site 1=59813; site 2=SAIAB 59804, 130461 and 186108; site 3=SAIAB 121039, 128824, 186092 and 192542; site 4=SAIAB 130453 and 59808). Also shown is site 5 where the species was collected in the Langvlei River system in 1986 (red circle; site 5=SAIAB 130464), but have not been found in subsequent surveys. The insert map shows the study area in relation to Cape Town, Cape Agulhas (most southern point in Africa) and neighbouring major river systems.

  Part of: Chakona A, Swartz E, H. Skelton P (2014) A new species of redfin (Teleostei, Cyprinidae, Pseudobarbus) from the Verlorenvlei River system, South Africa. ZooKeys 453: 121-137.