Tomopaguropsis ahkinpechensis sp. n.: A holotype male 8.9 mm (EPC201310) B–E paratype male 8.1 mm (USNM 12376795) A Shield, cephalic appendages and anterior portion of posterior carapace, dorsal B anterior portion of shield, and cephalic appendages, dorsal C right branchiostegite, and portions of shield, cephalic appendages and first to fourth pereopods D sternites XI and XII (second and third pereopods), ventral E coxae of fifth pereopods, sternite XIV (fifth pereopods), and sternite of first pleonal somite, ventral. Stippled areas in A indicate membranous condition. Abbreviations: abp, anterior branchiostegal fig; pbp, posterior branchiostegal fig; ml, calcified median lobe; ps1, first pleonal somite.

  Part of: Lemaitre R, Vazquez-Bader A, Gracia A (2014) An unusual new species of paguroid (Crustacea, Anomura, Paguridae) from deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. ZooKeys 449: 57-67.