Ingolfiella maldivensis sp. n., holotype female 1.80 mm A cephalic lobe B antennule C paratype female 1.85 mm, antenna D paratype female 1.55 mm, labrum E right mandible with incisor and molar process F maxillule G maxilla H maxilliped I paratype 1.85 mm, right gnathopod 1, medial J right gnathopod 2, medial (inset: palm margin of holotype 1.80 mm).

  Part of: Vonk R, Jaume D (2014) Ingolfiella maldivensis sp. n. (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Ingolfiellidae) from coral reef sand off Magoodhoo island, Maldives. ZooKeys 449: 69-79.