Genital morphology of A Aegista diversifamilia sp. n. and B A. subchinensis. Scale bar = 1 cm. A: atrium; AG: albumen gland; AS: accessory-sac of auxiliary copulatory organ; BC: bursa copulatory; DS: dart-sac of auxiliary copulatory organ; E: epiphallus; EF: epiphallial flagellum; FO: free oviduct; HD: hermaphroditic duct; M: gland of the auxiliary copulatory organ; P: penis; PBC: pedunculus of bursa copulatory; PR: penis retractor; SOD: spermoviduct; V: vagina; VD: vas deferens.

  Part of: Huang C, Lee Y, Lin S, Wu W (2014) Taxonomic revision of Aegista subchinensis (Möllendorff, 1884) (Stylommatophora, Bradybaenidae) and a description of a new species of Aegista from eastern Taiwan based on multilocus phylogeny and comparative morphology. ZooKeys 445: 31-55.