SEM illustrations of structural features of meso- and metatibia of Geocharidius species, various aspects. A–D mesotibia: A right mesotibia of G. jalapensis, ventral aspect B left mesotibia of G. minimus, medial aspect C left mesotibia of G. longinoi, ventral aspect D left mesotibia of G. comayaguanus, medial aspect E–H metatibia: E right metatibia of G. zullinii, medial aspect F left metatibia of G. balini, medial aspect G left metatibia of G. longinoi, ventral aspect H right metatibia of G. comayaguanus, ventral aspect. Legend: msb – mesotibial brush; msms – mesotibial modified seta; mss – mesotibial spur; msta1 – mesotarsus 1; mtb – metatibial brush; mtms – metatibial modified seta; mts – metatibial spur; mtta1 – metatarsus 1. Scale = 0.02mm.

  Part of: Sokolov I, Kavanaugh D (2014) The integripennis species group of Geocharidius Jeannel, 1963 (Carabidae, Bembidiini, Anillina) from Nuclear Central America: a taxonomic review with notes about biogeography and speciation. ZooKeys 443: 61-118.