SEM illustrations of structural features of front legs of Geocharidius species. A–E protarsi, ventral aspect: A right protarsus of G. jalapensis, male B left protarsus of G. jalapensis, female C right protarsus of G. erwini, male D right protarsus of G. minimus, female E left protarsus of G. minimus, male F–I protibia: F right protibia of G. andersoni, dorso-lateral aspect G left protibia of G. lencanus, lateral aspect H left protibia of G. comayaguanus, ventral aspect I right protibia of G. erwini, ventral aspect. Legend: ac – antenna cleaner; as – adhesive seta; asp – anterior spur; asr – anterior setal row; cls – clip seta; psp – posterior spur; psr – posterior setal row; sb – setal band; ta1-ta4 – tarsomeres 1-4. Scale = 0.05mm.

  Part of: Sokolov I, Kavanaugh D (2014) The integripennis species group of Geocharidius Jeannel, 1963 (Carabidae, Bembidiini, Anillina) from Nuclear Central America: a taxonomic review with notes about biogeography and speciation. ZooKeys 443: 61-118.