SEM illustrations of structural features of labial complex of Geocharidius species. A G. erwini B G. balini C G. lencanus D G. zullinii E G. longinoi F G. minimus. Legend: gsc – glossal sclerite; lms – lateral mental seta; lss – lateral submental seta; m – mentum; mss – medial submental seta; pms – paramedial mental seta; prss – primary basal submental seta; sm – submentum. Scale = 0.05mm.

  Part of: Sokolov I, Kavanaugh D (2014) The integripennis species group of Geocharidius Jeannel, 1963 (Carabidae, Bembidiini, Anillina) from Nuclear Central America: a taxonomic review with notes about biogeography and speciation. ZooKeys 443: 61-118.