SEM illustrations of structural features of body parts of Geocharidius species. A–C prothorax, ventral aspect: A G. zullinii B G. erwini C G. comayaguanus. D–F pterothorax, ventral aspect: D G. jalapensis E G. minimus F G. comayaguanus. G–I abdominal ventrites 3-5: G G. minimus, male H G. jalapensis, male I G. jalapensis female. Legend: asts – abdominal sternal terminal seta; ipa –intercoxal process of abdominal ventrite 2; mscx – mesocoxa; msp – mesosternal process; mtcx – metacoxa; mtp – metasternal process; mtv – metaventrite; pas – prosternal ambulatory seta; pep – proepipleuron; pes – proepisternum; prcx – procoxa; ps – prosternum; psp – prosternal process; v3-v5 – abdominal ventrites 3-5. Scale = 0.05mm.

  Part of: Sokolov I, Kavanaugh D (2014) The integripennis species group of Geocharidius Jeannel, 1963 (Carabidae, Bembidiini, Anillina) from Nuclear Central America: a taxonomic review with notes about biogeography and speciation. ZooKeys 443: 61-118.