Chiromyscus chiropus, southern Vietnam. A Dorsal view B Ventral view C Lateral view D General appearance (photo by Alexander E. Balakirev) E Head, face-lateral view F Head, lateral view G Head, dorsal view H Hind foot, dorsal view I Hind foot, plantar surface. A–C, E–I specimen from the Binh Chau Nature Reserve, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, southern Vietnam, ZMMU S-191972, genetic voucher BT10-2 D specimen from the Bao Loc Forestry, Lam Dong Province, southern Vietnam, ZIN 100966, genetic voucher 12-068.

  Part of: Balakirev A, Abramov A, Rozhnov V (2014) Phylogenetic relationships in the Niviventer-Chiromyscus complex (Rodentia, Muridae) inferred from molecular data, with description of a new species. ZooKeys 451: 109-136.