Maximum likelihood phylogeny from 757 concatenated UCE loci (average 113231 base pairs/taxon) analyzed primarily for the 23 Core Taxa in black (IQ-TREE, partitioned by locus). Topology is identical in unpartitioned analyses, with nearly identical branch lengths. Bootstrap percentage values from 1000 replicates shown for each clade. Where two numbers are shown, the first is the bootstrap percentage for the partitioned analysis, the second for the unpartitioned analysis. Where one number is shown, both analyses yielded the same percentage. An analysis of the All Taxa dataset, including the weakly-sequenced taxa in grey, yielded the same topology.

  Part of: Maddison WP, Maddison DR, Derkarabetian S, Hedin M (2020) Sitticine jumping spiders: phylogeny, classification, and chromosomes (Araneae, Salticidae, Sitticini). ZooKeys 925: 1-54.