Chromosomes of meiosis of Attulus subgenus Attulus, continued 143–146 Attulus floricola, with an extra small bivalent (s) to make 28a+XaXa0, Ontario (44.43, -79.65): 143, 144 first metaphase 145 second division, showing one nucleus with 14 acrocentrics, the other with 14 acrocentrics and the two condensed Xs 147–149 Attulus inexpectus, showing 13 acrocentric bivalents and the sex chromosomes (26a+XaXa0), Tuva (50.6690, 92.9844) 150, 151 Attulus sp. (ambiguously identified, either A. rupicola or floricola), tentatively intepreted as having 24a+XaXaXaYm, Switzerland (46.9, 9.2): 151 same, sex chromosomes from another nucleus 152 Attulus cutleri, with 26a+XaXaYa, Canada (68.35, -133.70) 153 same, sex chromosomes from another nucleus

  Part of: Maddison WP, Maddison DR, Derkarabetian S, Hedin M (2020) Sitticine jumping spiders: phylogeny, classification, and chromosomes (Araneae, Salticidae, Sitticini). ZooKeys 925: 1-54.