Dorsal fin in Enteromius yardiensis sp. nov., paratype, NMW 99259, side channel of Awash R. at Kada Bada (site 2), 37.6 mm SL, with four unbranched rays. Arrow 1 showing first unbranched dorsal-fin ray, arrow 2 showing relative positions of tip of penultimate (3rd) unbranched dorsal-fin ray and lowermost limit of serrated part of last (4th) unbranched dorsal-fin ray.

  Part of: Englmaier GK, Tesfaye G, Bogutskaya NG (2020) A new species of Enteromius (Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae, Smiliogastrinae) from the Awash River, Ethiopia, and the re-establishment of E. akakianus. ZooKeys 902: 107-150.