Sigambra hernandezi sp. nov. A larger specimen, Chetumal, dorsal view (asterisk indicates left chaetigers 8–9) B same, chaetigers 8–9, left parapodia, partial dorsal view (asterisk indicates cilia, arrow points to gonopore) C chaetiger 9, left parapodium, axillary ciliated papillae, seen from above D same, gonopore papillae, seen from above E large specimen, Tamiahua, anterior region, dorsal view, asterisk indicates left parapodia of chaetigers 3–4 F same, close-up of chaetae, seen from above G same, rotated, details of denticles in pectinate chaeta H another specimen, posterior region, dorsal view (arrow points to broken posterior chaetiger I same, rotated about 90 degrees, showing inner contents J same, spermatozoa. Scale bars inserted in micrographs.

  Part of: Salazar-Vallejo SI, Rizzo AE, León-González JÁ, Brauco KM (2019) Four new Caribbean Sigambra species (Annelida, Pilargidae), and clarifications of three other Sigambra species. ZooKeys 893: 21-50.