Scybalocanthon ashei sp. nov. A Holotype (CMNC), dorsal view B holotype (CMNC), ventral view C aedeagus (right side) D aedeagus (left side) E set of bristles F fronto-lateral peripheral (FLP) sclerite (left), and Complex of axial and subaxial (A+SA) sclerites (right) G Superior right peripheral (SRP) sclerite.

  Part of: Silva FAB, Génier F (2019) A new Peruvian species of Scybalocanthon Martínez, 1948 (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae, Deltochilini) and some remarkable intrapopulational variation in the endophallus of S. pinopterus (Kirsch, 1873). ZooKeys 884: 69-80.