Genitalia of O. malignus male, non-type (ZRC_BDP0014515, Singapore: Pulau Semakau, old mangrove forest). A Pygostyle in dorsal view B abdominal sternite IX in ventral view C paramere and volsella, right side, inner view D penisvalva, left side, outer view. Abbreviations: (for B, C) Cu – cuspis; Di – digitus; Tm – telomere; Bm – basimere; BmC – carina of lower basimere; Sp – spiculum; Vo – volsella. (for D) ADL – apicodorsal lobe; AP – apicoventral process; AVP – anteroventral process; DS – diagonal sclerotisation; SAL – subapical lamina; Vc – valviceps; Vu – valvura.

  Part of: Wang WY, Yamada A, Yamane S (2020) Maritime trap-jaw ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Ponerinae) of the Indo-Australian region – redescription of Odontomachus malignus Smith and description of a related new species from Singapore, including first descriptions of males. ZooKeys 915: 137-174.