Cluster dendrogram of COI (313 bp) barcodes of Odontomachus litoralis and O. malignus from (near) sympatric populations in Singapore, specimens collected from Borneo (KU146009.1), Palau (KU146082.1), and the Philippines (KU504894.1), and additional reference barcodes of O. rixosus, O. pararixosus, and O. simillimus. Nodes are annotated with numbers indicating percentage (%) uncorrected p-distance thresholds at which sequences diverge.

  Part of: Wang WY, Yamada A, Yamane S (2020) Maritime trap-jaw ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Ponerinae) of the Indo-Australian region – redescription of Odontomachus malignus Smith and description of a related new species from Singapore, including first descriptions of males. ZooKeys 915: 137-174.