Monstrilla chetumalensis sp. nov., male holotype (A–E, C) A anterior part of cephalosome ventral view; arrow indicates nipple-like processes; s = sensilla B antennule segments 1–4 in dorsal view showing setal elements (sensu Grygier and Ohtsuka 1995) C fifth antennulary segment with setal elements (sensu Huys et al. 2007) D urosome lateral view E genital complex with lappets ventral view. Scale bars: 200 μm (A, B), 100 μm (C, D), 50 μm (E).

  Part of: Suárez-Morales E, Castellanos-Osorio IA (2019) A new species of Monstrilla (Copepoda, Monstrilloida) from the plankton of a large coastal system of the northwestern Caribbean with a key to species. ZooKeys 876: 111-123.