Acartia nadiensis sp. nov. Scanning electron micrographs. A Female, urosome and caudal rami, ventral view B male, rostrum C male, 1st urosomite D male, 2nd–4th urosomite, dorsal view E male, 1st urosomite, lateral view F male, 2nd urosomite, lateral view G male, 5th urosomite and caudal rami, dorsal view H male, 4th urosomite and caudal rami, ventral view. Scale bars: in μm.

  Part of: Lee S, Soh HY, Lee W (2019) A new species in the genus Acartia Dana, 1846 (Crustacea, Copepoda, Calanoida, Acartiidae) from the South Pacific coastal waters of Nadi Bay, Fiji. ZooKeys 893: 69-89.