General distribution of goodeid fishes in Mexico, with the location of major river basins and lakes shown. Shaded areas indicate the range of most goodeid species (blue) and the disjunct range of Characodon (brown).A Mezquital River basin B Grande Santiago River Basin C Ameca River basin D Purificación and Marabasco River basins E Armería River basin F Coahuayana River basin G Balsas River Basin H Lake Chapala I Lerma River Basin J Lake Cuitzeo/Grande de Morelia River basin (endorheic) K Lake Pátzcuaro and Lake Zirahuén basins (endorheic) L Lake Atotonilco, Lake San Marcos, Lake Sayula, and Lake Zapotlán basins (endorheic) M Lake Magdalena basin (endorheic) N Valley of Mexico/ Mexico City (endorheic) O Pánuco River basin P Valley of Parras,(endorheic), Characodon garmani collection site Q Tunal River drainage (part of Mezquital River basin), home of Characodon species.

  Part of: Lyons J, Piller KR, Artigas-Azas JM, Dominguez-Dominguez O, Gesundheit P, Köck M, Medina-Nava M, Mercado-Silva N, García AR, Findley KM (2019) Distribution and current conservation status of the Mexican Goodeidae (Actinopterygii, Cyprinodontiformes). ZooKeys 885: 115-158.