Photos of four representative types of goodeid habitats A Lake Chapala, near Ajijic, Jalisco, 6 January 2005. The largest natural lake in Mexico and historically the home of at least six species of goodeids. Currently, only Chapalichthys encaustus (see Figure 1), Goodea atripinnis, and Zoogoneticus purhepechus remain B 27 de Noviembre Springs, Durango, 11 January 2008, home of Characodon species C Molino Viejo Reservoir, Jalisco, 17 January 2008, home of Xenotoca melanosoma D Cuzalapa River, Jalisco, 11 January 2006, home of Ilyodon furcidens and Xenotaenia resolanae (see Figure 1).

  Part of: Lyons J, Piller KR, Artigas-Azas JM, Dominguez-Dominguez O, Gesundheit P, Köck M, Medina-Nava M, Mercado-Silva N, García AR, Findley KM (2019) Distribution and current conservation status of the Mexican Goodeidae (Actinopterygii, Cyprinodontiformes). ZooKeys 885: 115-158.