Maximum likelihood tree of COI-3P sequences of Zeugodacus madhupuri sp. nov. and its closest relatives in COI. Taxa names include UHIM ‘ms’ molecular voucher numbers, GenBank accessions and ISO three letter country codes. The record of Zeugodacus hengsawadae was published as Zeugodacus nr. tau in San Jose et al. (2018a). The scale bar indicates substitutions per site; values on the branches indicate ultrafast bootstrap support values and Sh-aLRT bootstrap values, respectively.

  Part of: Leblanc L, Hossain MA, Doorenweerd C, Khan SA, Momen M, San Jose M, Rubinoff D (2019) Six years of fruit fly surveys in Bangladesh: a new species, 33 new country records and discovery of the highly invasive Bactrocera carambolae (Diptera, Tephritidae). ZooKeys 876: 87-109.