Male hypopygium of T. (V.) subscripta. 18 Hypopygium, lateral view 19 hypopygium, dorsal view 20 hypopygium, ventral view 21 gonocoxite, lateral view 22 outer gonostylus, lateral view 23 inner gonostylus, outer lateral view 24 inner gonostylus, inner lateral view 25 adminiculum, ventral view 26 adminiculum, lateral view 27 gonocoxal fragment, dorsal view 28 compressor apodeme of semen pump 29 semen pump, lateral view 30 semen pump. Abbreviations: ls, lateral sclerite of gonocoxal fragment; ms, medial sclerite of gonocoxal fragment. Scale bars: 0.4 mm (18–20), 0.25 mm (21–30).

  Part of: Starkevich P, Men Q-L, Sivell D (2020) Redescriptions of the poorly known crane fly species Tipula (Vestiplex) scandens and Tipula (Vestiplex) subscripta from Tibet and Yunnan, China (Diptera, Tipulidae). ZooKeys 917: 127-140.