Male hypopygium of T. (V.) scandens. 2 Hypopygium, lateral view 3 hypopygium, dorsal view 4 hypopygium, ventral view 5 outer gonostylus, lateral view 6 outer gonostylus and inner gonostylus, lateral view 7 adminiculum, lateral view 8 adminiculum, ventral view 9 gonocoxal fragment, dorsal view 10 compressor apodeme of semen pump 11 semen pump, lateral view 12 semen pump. Abbreviations: ls, lateral sclerite of gonocoxal fragment; ms, medial sclerite of gonocoxal fragment. Scale bars: 0.4 mm (2–4), 0.25 mm (5–12).

  Part of: Starkevich P, Men Q-L, Sivell D (2020) Redescriptions of the poorly known crane fly species Tipula (Vestiplex) scandens and Tipula (Vestiplex) subscripta from Tibet and Yunnan, China (Diptera, Tipulidae). ZooKeys 917: 127-140.