Neotarsina caraibica gen. et sp. nov. (Trinidad and Tobago). A Male habitus in lateral view B female habitus in lateral view C male abdomen in dorsal view D female abdomen in dorsal view E female fore tibia and tarsus F, G male head in lateral view (F) and frontal view (G) H, I female head in lateral view (H) and frontal view (I) view J male wing in dorsal view K–M mpandrial complex in posterior (K) and lateral (L) view M hypandrial complex in lateral view [A, C, F–G, J holotype; B, D–E, H–I, K–M paratypes].

  Part of: Cerretti P, Badano D, Gisondi S, Lo Giudice G, Pape T (2020) The world woodlouse flies (Diptera, Rhinophoridae). ZooKeys 903: 1-130.