Variation in proportions of pronotum among different taxa and populations of Pelodiaetus. A – P. nunni; B – P. sulcatipennis, mid-eastern populations; C – P. sulcatipennis, south-western populations. Map of southern half of South Island, New Zealand, shows localities from where specimens were measured. Each species location dot (yellow or white) is identical to Fig. 8 but they are additionally marked with the appropriate bar graph color: pink, orange, and blue. X-axis values represent W/L – ratio of maximal width to length along the midline of pronotum. Red curve – expected normal distribution with sample mean and standard deviation. Elevation scale bars are given in meters.

  Part of: Sokolov IM (2019) A review of the genus Pelodiaetus Jeannel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Anillini) of New Zealand, with re-description of the genus, description of a new species and notes on the evolutionary history. ZooKeys 879: 33-56.