Digital images of pterothorax of Pelodiaetus sulcatipennis (A) and last abdominal ventrites with female genitalia (B), ventral aspect. Abbreviations: ipa – intercoxal process of abdominal ventrite 2; mes – metendosternite; mte – metanepisternum; mtv – metaventrite; v1-v2 – abdominal ventrites 1-2; es – ensiform seta; gc1 – gonocoxite 1; gc2 – gonocoxite 2; lt – laterotergite; ns – nematiform seta; sd – spermathecal duct; sg – spermathecal gland; sp – spermatheca. Scale bars: 200 µm (A); 100 µm (B).

  Part of: Sokolov IM (2019) A review of the genus Pelodiaetus Jeannel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Anillini) of New Zealand, with re-description of the genus, description of a new species and notes on the evolutionary history. ZooKeys 879: 33-56.