Gill rakers on ceratobranchials 2/3–5 in Poeciliopsis a P. jackschultzi, TCWC 20082.01, paratype, female, 23.0 mm SL b P. lucida, UMMZ 189041, female, 24.0 mm SL c P. monacha, UMMZ 178246, female, 22.0 mm SL. Gill filaments removed. Abbreviations: C2–5, ceratobranchials 2–5; Cb4T, teeth on ceratobranchial 4; GR1b, 2, 3, type 1b, 2, or 3 gill rakers; GRT, gill-raker tooth.

  Part of: Conway KW, Mateos M, Vrijenhoek RC (2019) A new species of the livebearing fish genus Poeciliopsis from northern Mexico (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae). ZooKeys 883: 91-118.